The New York Public Library’s “What’s on the menu?” Project

NYPL's "What's On The Menu" project.
NYPL’s “What’s On The Menu” project.

The New York Public Library wants you! The public library system is currently working on a large-scale project to transcribe and digitize their collection of more 40,000 menus that date back to the 1840s, and they’re opening the process up to the public. So if you want to try out your amateur archivist chops, or want to help out just to see what people were eating in the 1800s, visit the link below to see how you can contribute to this fascinating and hunger-inducing research project.

What’s on the Menu? Help transcribe The New York Public Library’s historical menu collection.

If you want to read more about the digital humanities and Archives 2.0, you can also read my article about the Bentham Project at University College London, where researchers are actively recruiting the public to help them transcribe the papers of Jeremy Bentham. Also also:

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NY Times: For Bentham and Others, Scholars Enlist Public to Transcribe Papers

NYT benthamThe New York Times has an on-going “Humanities 2.0″ series in which they examine how new digital tools and technologies are changing the nature of scholarship in history, literature, and the arts. The latest article in the series discusses how researchers at the University College London (UCL) are utilizing new Web 2.0 tools to process Jeremey Bentham’s collection of unpublished manuscripts. Researchers at UCL’s Bentham Project  are opening the processing project to the public using crowd-sourcing–volunteers can collaborate with the Project and help transcribe more than 40,000 of Bentham’s unpublished manuscripts.

Here’s the link to the original Times article: For Bentham and Others, Scholars Enlist Public to Transcribe Papers – And for anyone who’s interested in contributing to the Bentham manuscript processing project, visit UCL’s Bentham Project online to get started.

Other articles in the Times’ “Humanities 2.0″ series include:

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